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Kinesiology Centre

Welcome to Kinesiology Centre, where Im dedicated to training people in this life changing modality. I discovered my purpose in becoming a practitioner, by helping people change their lives. So, it also made sense to train Kinesiologists, that would go on to help even more people. In doing so, I discovered my main purpose in life, to teach.
There are 4 levels, depending on if you want to learn for yourself, help family and friends or have a rewarding career. They range from basic, intermediate, advanced and mastery levels.

Level 1-International Certificate in Basic Kinesiology (14mths)

Level 2- International Diploma in Kinesiology (1.5yrs)

Level 3 - International Diploma in Kinesiopractics (1.5yrs)

Level 4 -International Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractics (1.5yrs)

This is what some of my current students are saying about the course...

"...I started studying in Jan 2020, this last year or more has been profound and incredible I have developed and transformed more than I ever knew possible, this certificate is really amazing and something special that will take you to that next stage in your life and give you the ability to transform other peoples too – it is challenging at times as it forces you to deal with unresolved things for yourself, but gives you levels of understanding and knowledge that will help you for life and beyond"

"Studying Kinesiology with Abby has been such a great experience. The learning is fascinating and I have experienced some very powerful shifts thanks to the practice. I also feel very grateful to have met and be surrounded by amazing people". 

"I am loving my journey learning kinesiology. Abby is such a wonderful, calm and understanding teacher and I feel like our class has made a connection and strongly support each other. I’m learning so much in every class and loving it. It’s also perfect for me doing the course part-time, it’s completely manageable with part-time work and family. It’s also great to know that we can start working after a year while we continue studying”.


“I am really enjoying studying PKP with Abby. Abby has been so supportive and inspiring, I’m part way through and already feel the benefits of the personal growth from the course. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”


"It’s an absolute privilege to learn Kinesiology with Abby. I have learned so much, Abby encourages all her students to be the best they possibly can be, and gives you the tools and information to work with Kinesiology with confidence."

"..... I had kinesiology sessions with Abby for several years before commencing the Certificate course, but the concepts behind the work continued to be a mystery to me. I now feel well-grounded in the framework behind Kinesiology and in being able to apply it practically to help others. But for me, greater even than the applied skills, is the step forwards I've been able to make in my own life - going from floating around in a space of spiritual re-emergence but not really sure what I'm meant to be 'doing' with my intuition, to once again working regularly with clients. The course has proved a valuable framework for me to re-gain my confidence in working with people - and this was one of my hopes. In my personal life I'm now mostly operating moment-to-moment guided by a higher (or innate) wisdom and intelligence and using applied muscle testing in my own body whenever I need to."

LEVEL 1 - International Certificate in Basic Kinesiology

This course teaches basic Kinesiology techniques, that will not only inspire you but give you solid foundation to build upon. This is one of the most comprehensive self development courses you will ever do!

Upon completion, you will be able to practice as a student practitioner.

Taught over 14 months, 2 days class per unit, every 6 weeks.

Total investment $6,480

12 units (10 class units, 3 home study)

10% discount for full payment or $540 monthly

Level 1 Units

BKP 101 Energisers and Self Testing

BKP  102 Manual Muscle Testing

BKP 103 5 Element Introduction - Yin Balance

BKP 104 Kinesiology and Superficial Connections

BKP 105 5 Elements - In-depth

BKP 106 Professional Skills, Balancing Protocol with Database

BKP  107 Pain Reduction

BKP  108 History/Balancing with Food

BKP  109 Advanced Muscle Techniques, Reactivity and Posture

EMS  201 Mastery of Emotional Stress Release

Home study

A&P  1 Anatomy & Physiology 1

BKP  110 Client Health Records and Professional Relationships

RBT 201 Clinical Body Contact

OCT 202 First Aid & Resuscitation (sourced externally)

For more detailed information follow link

LEVEL 2- International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice

This is where the fun starts, as you build on the basic techniques into a more intermediate level. Once completed, you will be qualified as a Registered Kinesiologist with the skill to make profound changes.

Taught over 2 years, one day, every 6 weeks.

Total investment $9,180

17 units (16 classes plus A&P2)

$540 per unit, paid 6 weekly

Level 1 Units

MST  201 Muscle & Skin Activation

PIB  203 Basic Brain Skills

ECO  201 Lifestyle & Dietary Modification

JAF  201 TMJ & Cranials

MST  202 Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Muscle Protocol

MST  203 Hip, Leg, Foot Muscle Protocol

MST  301 Head, Neck and Trunk Muscle Protocol

MST  302 Touch, Clothes and  Environment

MST  303 Emotional Anatomy & Intelligence

ECO  202 Immune Mismatch Responses: Allergies & Sensitivities

ECO  301 Adrenal, Geopathic and Life Energy

ECO  302 Cleansing & Detoxification

EMS  301 Genetic & Meridian Emotional Release

EMS  302 Subconscious Self Perception

JAF  301 Ligaments and Joints

JAF  302 Injury, Strain and Inflexibility

Home Study

CBP Anatomy & Physiology 2: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pathology

LEVEL 3 – International Diploma in Kinesiopractics

With a solid foundation in Kinesiology, we move into the more advanced techniques.

Taught over 1-1.5 years


Total investment $7,020

13 units

($540 per unit)


Level 3 Units

EMS 303 Dreams, Goals and Attitudes

EMS 304 Releasing Limiting Stress Response

VEF 201 Flower Essences

VEF 301 Gems and other Vibrational Energy Fields

VEF 302 Metaphysical Energy Fields

HMR 201 Hypertonic Muscle Release

HMR 301 Hypertonic Release – Arms and Legs

HMR 302 Hypertonic Release – Head, Neck and Torso

PDG 301 Pelvic Postures and Sacral Balancing

PDG 302 Pelvic Diaphragm

BVL 301 Valves, Viscera and Blood Vessels

BVL 302 Breast and other Lymph Clearing

OCT 302 Red Flags



LEVEL 4 – International Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractics

This one-year course covers the most in-depth and highest level of training, where you learn to master your skills.


Total investment $7,020

13 units (12 class units and 1 home study)

$540 per unit


Level 4 Units

EMS 305 Colour and Sound

EMS 306 Rituals and Motivational Messages

PIB 201 Behavioural Genetics I – Personology and Physiognomy

PIB 202 Behavioural Genetic II – Personology and Physiognomy

PIB 301 Brain Integration Skills 2

PIB 302 Personality Typing

EMS 401 Co-dependency and Role Reversal

EMS 402 Compulsive Behaviours

EMS 403 Spiritual Issues

MHP 301 Meridian Energy Techniques

MHP 302 Holographic Reflexes and Perceptions

RBT 301 Trigger Points

Home study

NUT 1 Provide basic dietary advice

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