Abby Mounter


Registered Kinesiologist, NZKPAB

Hi I'm Abby Mounter, a qualified practitioner with an International Advanced Diploma of Kinesiopractics. Ive been helping people change their lives since 2014 and also training Kinesiologists do the same.

My passion for this modality originates from my own healing journey, where Kinesiology not only changed my life and restored my health and well-being but allowed me to discover my life purpose and love for helping people. I run a successful clinic and school in Pt Chevalier, Auckland, helping people reach their full potential.

"On Friday I had the most profoundly healing, body & mind changing health treatment I've ever experienced with Abby Mounter Kinesiology. I just want to share this with you my lovely friends because I'm so blown away by what I got out of it.

Despite having little idea what kinesiology was when I arrived, this was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I felt about 10kg lighter when I put my feet back on the floor. It's better than any massage, therapy or practice I've ever experienced. So if anything is ailing you - physical or mental (or even if you feel fine) - see Abby - she is amazing.

Thank you Abby!"

(Mt Albert Mother)

"My pelvis was twisted causing limited movement and pain. Rather than go to a chiroprator or osteopth, I wanted to clear the cause of why my muscles had gone out of balance - Kinesiology can do that. On Thursday I booked in for a Kinesiology balance with Abby Mounter over skype. It was a relief to understand  and clear the emotional issues that were stored in those affected muscles. Immediately after, I could stand up straight and the pain had gone. Over the next 20 hrs muscles re-adjusted back into their proper position, and I went out dancing on friday night. Kinesiology will always be the first modality I use to identify and clear the cause of any issues that come up in my life. Thank you Abby for your skills and care."

(Business woman)

"I wasn't sure what to expect with my kinesiology experience. I hadn't had it done before and didn't know what the process was. However, I didn't need to worry. Abby was calm, professional and walked me through each step.

The experience can be a little overwhelming at times but i always felt i was in safe, confident hands.
Overall I had an enjoyable experience and feel like i got a lot out of it. I would recommend Abby to people looking for assistance in any area."

(39 yr old, Nutritionist)

"Thank you for your incredible powerful healing over the massive year past. You have helped me cope and heal in so many wonderful ways. And by the way, I feel amazing after today's session!!!!!"

(45 year old, TV Producer)

"Coming in without any preconceived expectations or much knowledge about Kinesiology, I was very impressed with Abby's ability to uncover the hidden nuggets that were the source of my worry and fear. During the session Abby was effortlessly incorporating multiple disciplines to make sure all the grounds were covered. I was blown away by her knowledge and ease of her guiding me through the session. After the session, and especially a few days later, a big 'worry' feeling in my solar plexus (that's been there for months, if not longer) has lifted off. Such a great and almost immediate result. Needless to say that I have recommended Abby to my family and friends. Thank you"

(42 year old, Marketing Executive)